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You’ve squandered untold millions
  On the filthy Philippines,
But you always made Alaskans
  Go and rustle for their beans. 
And your black and tan possessions
  Tho they’ve cost you quite a few
Can never be depended on,
  While we’d go thru Hell for you. 
We’re quite unused to luxuries
  And we’ve always played alone,
When we asked for help to build our trails
  You handed us a stone. 
You’ve four-flushed on the railroads
  But we don’t care a damn,
If they monkey with the Eagle
  we’re with you, uncle Sam.

You gave us lief to make some laws
  Then tied our hands behind;
That gift to us was just the same
  As pictures to the blind. 
Your laws all have a “joker,”
  Made to catch some Sourdough,
And it’s hard to beat the game, Sam,
  The way it’s framed up down below. 
We’ve always been the dumping ground
  For your political misfits,
But Sam, if you’re in trouble
  We’re willing to call it “quits.” 
We’ve never had an even break,
  But we don’t care a damn;
If the Lion growls, remember this,
  we’re with you, uncle Sam.

We’re used to meeting troubles
  And if you put us to the test
You’ll find Alaska loves you, Sam,
  Far better than the rest. 
But Sam, when this is over,
  As morning follows night,
Pray give us your attention
  And set some matters right. 
We need some decent cable rates,
  We need some decent mails,
We need some decent coast lights
  And we need some decent trails. 
You’ve given these to all the rest
  But we don’t care a damn;
If it’s full grown men you’re needing
  we’re with you, uncle Sam.


As long as lure o’ placer gold
  Brings North the best ye breed,
As long as tales of camps and trails
  Are planted with your seed,
As long as red blood courses thru
  And warms adventure’s sons,
They’ll sally forth, bound for the North,
  Misfortune’s chosen ones.

As long as snow slides claim their toll
  And glaciers split and rend,
And sweepers turn the flimsy craft
  And trails come to an end;
As long as flashing Northern Lights
  Flame in the Arctic sky,
Your boldest ones, your bravest sons
  Come North to win or die.

As long as lust of wealth obtains
  And gold will buy all things,
And bank accounts but mark the line
  ’Twixt shovel stiffs and kings;
As long as fancy rides free reined
  And distant fields seem fair,
They’ll seek the ship and make the trip
  To the land of Do and Dare.

As long as birds mate in the spring
  And moose run in the fall,
And widows win the college youth
  And hold his heart in thrall;
As long as chance for fortune’s smile
  Can be centered in one throw,
This is the truth, the Nation’s youth
  Will hear the call and go.

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