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Of our fitness for the Enterprise, to which we have such title and vocation, it were perhaps uninteresting to say more.  Let the British reader study and enjoy, in simplicity of heart, what is here presented him, and with whatever metaphysical acumen and talent for meditation he is possessed of.  Let him strive to keep a free, open sense; cleared from the mists of prejudice, above all from the paralysis of cant; and directed rather to the Book itself than to the Editor of the Book.  Who or what such Editor may be, must remain conjectural, and even insignificant:* it is a voice publishing tidings of the Philosophy of Clothes; undoubtedly a Spirit addressing Spirits:  whoso hath ears, let him hear.

With us even he still communicates in some sort of mask, or muffler; and, we have reason to think, under a feigned name!—­O.  Y.

On one other point the Editor thinks it needful to give warning:  namely, that he is animated with a true though perhaps a feeble attachment to the Institutions of our Ancestors; and minded to defend these, according to ability, at all hazards; nay, it was partly with a view to such defence that he engaged in this undertaking.  To stem, or if that be impossible, profitably to divert the current of Innovation, such a Volume as Teufelsdrockh’s, if cunningly planted down, were no despicable pile, or floodgate, in the logical wear.

For the rest, be it nowise apprehended, that any personal connection of ours with Teufelsdrockh, Heuschrecke or this Philosophy of Clothes, can pervert our judgment, or sway us to extenuate or exaggerate.  Powerless, we venture to promise, are those private Compliments themselves.  Grateful they may well be; as generous illusions of friendship; as fair mementos of bygone unions, of those nights and suppers of the gods, when, lapped in the symphonies and harmonies of Philosophic Eloquence, though with baser accompaniments, the present Editor revelled in that feast of reason, never since vouchsafed him in so full measure!  But what then? Amicus Plato, magis amica veritas; Teufelsdrockh is our friend, Truth is our divinity.  In our historical and critical capacity, we hope we are strangers to all the world; have feud or favor with no one,—­save indeed the Devil, with whom, as with the Prince of Lies and Darkness, we do at all times wage internecine war.  This assurance, at an epoch when puffery and quackery have reached a height unexampled in the annals of mankind, and even English Editors, like Chinese Shopkeepers, must write on their door-lintels No cheating here,—­we thought it good to premise.


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