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    Great scholars have in LUCIAN read
    When PHILIP, King of Greece was dead,
    His soul and spirit did divide,
    And each part took a different side: 
    One rose a Star; the other fell
    Beneath, and mended shoes in hell.

    Thus PATRIGE still shines in each Art,
    The Cobbling, and Star-gazing Part;
    And is installed as good a star
    As any of the CAESARS are.

    Thou, high exalted in thy sphere,
    May’st follow still thy calling there! 
    To thee, the Bull will lend his hide,
    By Phoebus newly tanned and dried! 
    For thee, they Argo’s hulk will tax,
    And scrape her pitchy sides for wax! 
    Then Ariadne kindly lends
    Her braided hair, to make thee ends! 
    The point of Sagittarius’ dart
    Turns to an awl, by heavenly art! 
    And Vulcan, wheedled by his wife,
    Will forge for thee, a paring-knife!

Triumphant Star! some pity shew On Cobblers militant below! [13] But do not shed thy influence down Upon St. James’s end o’ the Town!  Consider where the moon and stars Have their devoutest worshippers!  Astrologers and lunatics Have in Moorfields their stations fixt:  Hither, thy gentle aspect bend, [14] Nor look asquint on an old friend!

[11] PATRIGE was a cobbler.

[12] See his Almanack.

[13] Sed nec in Arctoo sede tibi legeris Orbe, &c.

[14] Neve tuam videas obliquo idere Romam.


Here five foot deep, lies on his back, A Cobbler, Starmonger, and Quack; Who to the stars, in pure good will, Does to his best, look upward still.  Weep all you customers, that use His Pills, his Almanacks, or Shoes!  And you that did your fortunes seek, Step to this grave, but once a week!  This earth which bears his body’s print You’ll find has so much virtue in it; That I durst pawn my ears, ’twill tell Whate’er concerns you, full as well (In physic, stolen goods, or love) As he himself could, when above!

LONDON:  Printed in the Year 1708.

Squire BICKERSTAFF detected;
OR THE Astrological Impostor convicted.


Student in Physic and Astrology.

[This was written for PARTRIDGE, either by NICHOLAS ROWE or Dr. YALDEN, and put forth by him, in good faith, in proof of his continued existence.]

It is hard, my dear countrymen of these United Nations! it is very hard, that a Britain born, a Protestant Astrologer, a man of Revolution Principles, an assertor of the Liberty and Property of the people, should cry out in vain, for justice against a Frenchman, a Papist, and an illiterate pretender to Science, that would blast my reputation, most inhumanly bury me alive, and defraud my native country of those services which, in my double capacity [Physician and Astrologer], I daily offer the public.

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