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SEC. 4. Walking.

Walking in the nursery.  Walking abroad.  Hoisting children into carriages. 
Walks should not become fatiguing.

SEC. 5. Riding in Carriages.

Carriages useful before children can walk.  Their construction.  Should be drawn steadily.  Position of the child in them:  Falling asleep.  How long this exercise should be continued.

SEC. 6 Riding on Horseback.

Never safe for infants.  Riding schools.  Objections to riding on horseback, while very young.  Tends to cruelty and tyranny.


Universal need of amusements.  Why so necessary.  Error of schools.  Error of families.  Infant schools, as often conducted, particularly injurious.  Lessons, or tasks, should be short.  Mistakes of some manual labor schools.  Of particular amusements in the nursery.  With small wooden cubes—­pictures—­shuttlecock—­the rocking horse—­tops and marbles—­backgam
mon—­checkers—­morrice—­dice—­nine-pins—­skipping the rope—­trundling the hoop—­playing at ball—­kites—­skating and swimming—­dissected maps—­black boards—­elements of letters—­dissected pictures.


Its importance.  Danger of repressing a tendency to cry.  Anecdote from Dr. Rush.  Physiology of crying.  Folly of attempting wholly to suppress it.


“Laugh and be fat.”  Laughing is healthy.  A common error.  Monastic notions yet too prevalent on this subject.


General remarks.  A prevalent mistake.  A hint to fathers.  Few Catos.  Everything left to mothers.

SEC. 1. Hour for Repose.

Night the season of repose, generally.  Infants require all hours. 
Sleeping in dark rooms.  Excess of caution.  Habit of sleeping amid noise.

SEC. 2. Place.

Where the infant should sleep.  Why alone.  Poisoning by impure air.  Illustration.  Proofs.  Friedlander.  Dr. Dewees.  Destruction of children by mothers.  Anecdote.  Moral reasons for having children sleep alone.  Sleeping with the aged.  Sleeping with cats and dogs.

SEC. 3 Purity of the Air.

Nurseries.  Windows open during the night.  Lowering them from the top. 
Habit of Dr. Gregory.  Going abroad in the open air.

SEC. 4. The Bed.

No feathers should be used.  They are too warm.  Their effluvia oppressive.  Other objections to their use.  Mattresses.  Air beds.  Beds of cut straw.  Soft beds.  Testimony of physicians.  The pillow.  Dampness.  Curtains.  Warming the bed.  Beds recently occupied by the sick.

SEC. 5. The Covering.

Light covering.  Mistakes of some mothers.  Covering the head with bed clothes.

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