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we saw other faint lights for a minute or two, and at last a bright flame like the flame of a torch moving rapidly over the river.  We saw it all in such a dream, and it seems all so unreal, that I have never written of it until now, and hardly ever spoken of it, and even when thinking, because of some unreasoning impulse, I have avoided giving it weight in the argument.  Perhaps I have felt that my recollections of things seen when the sense of reality was weakened must be untrustworthy.  A few months ago, however, I talked it over with my two friends, and compared their somewhat meagre recollections with my own.  That sense of unreality was all the more wonderful because the next day I heard sounds as unaccountable as were those lights, and without any emotion of unreality, and I remember them with perfect distinctness and confidence.  The girl was sitting reading under a large old-fashioned mirror, and I was reading and writing a couple of yards away, when I heard a sound as if a shower of peas had been thrown against the mirror, and while I was looking at it I heard the sound again, and presently, while I was alone in the room, I heard a sound as if something much bigger than a pea had struck the wainscoting beside my head.  And after that for some days came other sights and sounds, not to me but to the girl, her brother, and the servants.  Now it was a bright light, now it was letters of fire that vanished before they could be read, now it was a heavy foot moving about in the seemingly empty house.  One wonders whether creatures who live, the country people believe, wherever men and women have lived in earlier times, followed us from the ruins of the old town? or did they come from the banks of the river by the trees where the first light had shone for a moment?



There was a doubter in Donegal, and he would not hear of ghosts or sheogues, and there was a house in Donegal that had been haunted as long as man could remember, and this is the story of how the house got the better of the man.  The man came into the house and lighted a fire in the room under the haunted one, and took off his boots and set them On the hearth, and stretched out his feet and warmed him self.  For a time he prospered in his unbelief; but a little while after the night had fallen, and everything had got very dark, one of his boots began to move.  It got up off the floor and gave a kind of slow jump towards the door, and then the other boot did the same, and after that the first boot jumped again.  And thereupon it struck the man that an invisible being had got into his boots, and was now going away in them.  When the boots reached the door they went up-stairs slowly, and then the man heard them go tramp, tramp round the haunted room over his head.  A few minutes passed, and he could hear them again upon the stairs, and after that in the passage outside, and then one

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