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Article X.

The use of steel traps; the making of “large bags”; the killing of game while swimming in water, or helpless in deep snow; and the killing of the females of any species of ruminant (except the musk-ox or white goat), shall be deemed offenses.  Any member who shall commit such offenses may be suspended, or expelled from the Club by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

Article XI.

The officers of the Club shall be elected for the ensuing year at the annual meeting.

Article XII.

This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any annual meeting of the Club, provided that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been mailed, by the Secretary, to each member of the Club, at least two weeks before said meeting.

By-Laws Rules of the Committee on Admission

1.  Candidates must be proposed and seconded in writing by two members of the Club.

2.  Letters concerning each candidate must be addressed to the Executive Committee by at least two members, other than the proposer and seconder.

3.  No candidate for regular membership shall be proposed or seconded by any member of the Committee on Admissions.

4.  No person shall be elected to associate membership who is qualified for regular membership, but withheld therefrom by reason of there being no vacancy.

Additional information as to the admission of members may be found in Articles III, VI, VIII and IX of the Constitution.

Former Officers Boone and Crockett Club


Theodore Roosevelt, 1888-1894. 
Benjamin H. Bristow, 1895-1896. 
W. Austin Wadsworth, 1897-


Charles Deering, 1897-
Walter B. Devereux, 1897-
Howard Melville Hanna, 1897-
William D. Pickett, 1897-
Frank Thomson, 1897-1900. 
Owen Wister, 1900-1902. 
Archibald Rogers, 1903-

Secretary and Treasurer.

Archibald Rogers, 1888-1893. 
George Bird Grinnell, 1894-1895. 
C. Grant La Farge, 1896-1901.


Alden Sampson, 1902. 
Madison Grant, 1903-


C. Grant La Farge, 1902-

Executive Committee.

W. Austin Wadsworth, 1893-1896. 
George Bird Grinnell, 1893. 
Winthrop Chanler, 1893-1899, 1904-
Owen Wister, 1893-1896, 1903-
Charles F. Deering, 1893-1896. 
Archibald Rogers, 1894-1902. 
Lewis Rutherford Morris, 1897-
Henry L. Stimson, 1897-1899. 
Madison Grant, 1897-1902. 
Gifford Pinchot, 1900-1903. 
Caspar Whitney, 1900-1903. 
John Rogers, Jr., 1902-
Alden Sampson, 1903-
Arnold Hague, 1904-

Editorial Committee.

George Bird Grinnell, 1896-
Theodore Roosevelt, 1896-

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