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“I’m goin’ away,” he said; “I’m goin’ away, Carolyn June, but I’m goin’ for another reason now.  I’m goin’ away an’ make myself so you’ll never have a chance to be ashamed of me!  I’m goin’ away an’ learn how to talk without cussin’ ‘most every other word—­I’m goin’ away an’ get that polish I know; women love in men th’ same as they love their own shoes to be shiny an’ their own dresses to be soft an’ dainty!  When I’ve got that I’ll come back!  I ain’t goin’ to Mexico.  I’m going to ride into that world that you come out of an’ when I’m so you’ll be proud to walk in that world with me—­when I’m so you won’t need to apologize for me in Hartville or any other place, I’m comin’ back an’ a preacher can O.K. th’ bargain you an’ me have made!  Will you keep faith an’ be true, Carolyn June?  Will you keep faith an’ be true—?  Will you be waitin’?”

“I’ll be waiting,” she whispered, “—­and keep faith and be true!”

And he rode away into the face of the red glow rising above the sand-hills.  He rode away—­to meet the morning sun—­hidden yet behind the eastern horizon—­to conquer himself, to master the ways of men, in the world that lay beyond!

Carolyn June watched him go.

Then she guided the outlaw filly down the grade, across the Cimarron and along the lane, in the gently stirring dawn, back to the still sleeping Quarter Circle KT.  In her heart was a song; in her eyes a new light; in her soul a great peace—­on her lips, a smile.  She carried in her bosom their secret—­hers and the Ramblin’ Kid’s—­and she knew he would return, for he would not lie.


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