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way.  From one of the city clocks the hour was slowly tolled.  Philip counted the strokes—­one, two, three, four, five.  Then, almost as he was preparing to leave his post, there came a terrific roar.  The window against which he leaned shook.  Some of the buildings in the distance trembled.  One, with its familiar white cupola, seemed for a moment to be lifted from the ground and then split through by some unseen hand.  The roar of the explosion was followed by the crashing of falling masonry.  Long fingers of fire suddenly leapt up into the quiet, cool air.  Fragments of masonry, a portion, even, of that wonderful cupola, came crashing down into the street.  He heard Elizabeth’s voice behind him, felt her fingers upon his shoulder.

“What is it?  Philip, what is it?”

He pointed with steady finger.  The truth seemed to come to him by inspiration.

“It is Sylvanus Power’s message to you,” he replied.  “The theatre!”

There were flames now, leaping up to the sky.  Together they watched them and listened to the shrieking of sirens and whistles as the fire engines galloped by from every section of the city.  There was a strange look in Elizabeth’s face as she watched the curling flames.

“Philip,” she whispered, “thank God!  There it goes, all his great offering to me!  It’s like the man and his motto—­’A man may do what he will with his own.’  Only last night I felt as though I would give anything in the world never to stand upon the stage of that theatre again.  He doesn’t know it, Philip, but his is a precious gift.”

He passed his arm around her and drew her from the window.

“‘A man may do what he will with his own,’” he repeated.  “Well, it isn’t such a bad motto.  Sylvanus Power may destroy a million-dollar theatre for a whim, but so far as you and I are concerned—­”

She sighed with content.

“We do both need a holiday,” she murmured.  “Somewhere in Europe, I think.”


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