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At the conclusion of the second meeting at Eidinghausen, he says:—­

The meeting was fully attended, and I afterwards dined alone in the schoolroom with a light heart.  I thought I could say, After the work is done, food tastes sweet.

At Rotterdam, John Yeardley and his companions made the acquaintance of a “very interesting missionary student, who believes he has a call to go on a mission to the Greeks, and is waiting for an opening:  his name is Guetzlaff.”  At Amsterdam, a letter from Guetzlaff introduced them to the priest of the Greek church in that city, Helanios Paschalides, a man of child-like spirit, and long schooled in affliction, who had become awakened to his own religious wants, and who believed himself called to return to Greece and instruct his countrymen.  These two interviews are memorable, as being, probably, the commencement of the strong interest which J. and M.Y. evinced in the Greek people, and which issued, years afterwards, in a religious tour in that country.  At Zeist, where there is a settlement of Moravians, the ministers, finding the Friends desired to convene their members in a meeting for worship, readily consented.

The meeting, writes J.Y., was more fully attended than we had expected.  There is much sweetness of spirit to be felt about these people, but a want of stillness.  I thought some of the hearers were prepared to see further than their teachers, and the time may yet come when some may be drawn into a more spiritual worship.  We left them a few tracts, and they kindly gave us a few little boots of theirs.  It is remarkable in what a spirit of love they received us.

The Friends reached Pyrmont on the 1st of the Seventh Month, and shortly afterwards made a visit amongst the members from house to house in that place, and at Minden.  On the 28th they visited a number of seriously awakened persons at Lenzinghausen, who felt the necessity of spiritual worship, and to whom their hearts were much enlarged in gospel love.

Walking in the garden, writes John, Yeardley, in a very solemn and solitary frame of mind before the meeting, I had such a feeling as I scarcely ever remember to have had before.  I thought I saw, as in the vision of light, as if a people would be gathered in that neighborhood to the knowledge of the truth.  It appeared to me to be in the divine appointment that our dear M.S. was come to visit Germany, and a large field of labor seems to be appointed for her in this land if she is faithful.

The next two months were occupied with various religious services, public and private, not omitting meetings at Eidinghausen and Hille, where, as on former occasions, J.Y. found his heart to go out towards the people with strong emotions of Christian love.  About 150 attended at the former, and 300 at the latter place.



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