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But however delicious was the scene in which they were engaged, it necessarily drew to a conclusion.  The drowsy clocks now announced the hour of three in the morning.  The dances broke up, and the company separated.  Delia leaped into the chariot that was waiting, and quickly arrived at the parental mansion.  Fatigued with the various objects that had passed before her, she immediately retired to rest.  For some time however a busy train of thoughts detained her from the empire of sleep.  “How lovely a stranger!  How elegant his manners, and how brilliant his wit!  How soft and engaging the whole of his behaviour!  But ah! was this the fruit of reverence and admiration?  Might it not be no more than general gallantry?  Oh that I were mistress of his heart!  That he would lay his person at my feet!  What a contrast between him and my former admirers!  How doubly hateful does lord Martin, the lover favoured by my father now appear!  But ah! who is this Damon?  What is his fortune, and what his pretensions?  His dress surely bespoke him a man of rank.  His elegant manners could have been learned in no vulgar circle.  How sweet, methinks is suspence!  How delightful the uncertainty that hangs about him!  And yet, how glad should I be to have my doubts resolved.”

Soothed with these and similar reflections, the lovely maid fell asleep.  But even in sleep she did not forget the impressions she had received.  She imagined that Damon now approached her pillow.  But how unlike the Damon she had seen!  His eyes had something in them superior to a mortal.  His shoulders were adorned with wings, and a vest of celestial azure flowed around him.  He smiled upon her with the most bewitching grace.  But the gentle maid involuntarily stretched out her arms towards him, and the pleasing vision vanished from her sight.

Again she closed her eyes, and again she endeavoured to regain her former object.  Damon indeed appeared, but in how different a manner! his countenance was impressed with every mark of horror, and he seemed to fly before some who inveterately pursued him.  They appeared with the countenances of furies, and the snakes hissed around their temples.  Delia looked earnestly upon them, and presently recollected the features of the admirers we have already celebrated.  The noble peer under the figure of Tisiphone, led the troop.  Damon stumbled and fell.  Sudden as lightning Tisiphone reached the spot, and plunged a dagger in his heart.  She drew it forth reeking with blood, and the lovely youth appeared in the agonies of death.  Terrified beyond measure, Delia screamed with horror and awoke.

In the midst of reveries like these, now agitated with apprehension, and now soothed with pleasure, Delia passed the night.  The sun appeared, her gold repeater informed her that it was twelve, and, assisted by the fair hands of Mrs. Bridget, she began to rise.


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