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Mr. Godfrey now opened the door of the carriage.  But the little peer was prepared for this incident, and having his sword drawn, made a sudden pass at our generous knight-errant.  The latter, with infinite agility, leaped aside, and lifting up his club, shivered the sword into a thousand pieces.

“Death and the devil!  Pox confound you!” said lord Martin, and endeavoured to draw a pistol from his pocket.  But the unsuccessful pass he had made had thrown him somewhat off his bias, and though he had employed more than one effort, he had not been able to recover himself.  At this instant, Mr. Godfrey seized him by the collar, and with a sudden-whirl, threw him into the middle of the road.  “Fire and”—­his lordship had not time to finish his exclamation.  The part of the road in which he fell was exceeding dirty.  The workmen had been employed the preceding day, in scraping the mud together into a heap against the bank, and his lordship, unable to overcome the velocity with which he trundled along, rolled into the midst of it in an instant.  He was entirely lost in this soft receptacle.  The colour of his purple coat, and his lily white toupee, could no longer be distinguished.

The coachman, perceiving the disaster of his lord, now leaped from the box.  Mr. Godfrey had scarcely had time to reduce this new antagonist to a state of inactivity, before the footman, upon whom he had first displayed his prowess, began to discover some signs of life.  He might have been yet overpowered in spite of all his valour and presence of mind, if the house of his brother-in-law, had not fortunately been so near, that the shrieks of Delia, and the altercation of her ravishers reached it.  The honest farmer was at the window in a moment, and perceiving that his brother was engaged in the affray, he huddled on his clothes with all expedition, and now appeared in the highway.

The victory was immediately decided.  The footman perceiving this new reinforcement, did not dare to act upon the offensive, and Mr. Godfrey mounted into the chariot to assist our heroine.  He now first perceived that her hands were manacled.  From this restraint however, he suddenly disengaged her, and taking her in his arms out of the carriage, he delivered her to his sister, who advanced at this moment.

The footman, assisted by the humanity of the farmer, was now employed in raising his master.  His lordship made the most pitiable figure that can be imagined.  His features, as well as his dress, wore an appearance perfectly uniform.  “Whither would you convey him?” said Mr. Godfrey, who was now returned.  “What shall we do with him?” “Oh, and please you, sir,” said the footman, “his lordship has a house about half a mile off.”  Lord Martin now first discovered some marks of sensibility, and shook his goary locks.  “His lordship!” exclaimed the yeoman.  “Sure it cannot be—­yet it is—­by my soul I cannot tell whether it be lord Martin or no.” 

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