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He now began to recollect himself.  “Where,” said he, “are all my resolutions?  What are become of all the plans I had formed, and the designs in which I had embarked?  What an unexpected revolution?  No,” said he, addressing himself to Delia, “I will never quit you.  Do thou but smile, and let all the world beside abandon me.  Can you forgive the sacrilegious intention of deserting you, of flying from you to the extremities of the globe?  Oh, had I known a thought of Damon had harboured in one corner of your heart, I would sooner have died.”  “And do you think,” cried Delia, “that I will tempt you to disobedience?  No.  Obey the precepts of your father and your own better thoughts.  Heaven designed us not for each other.  Neither your friends nor mine can ever be reconciled to the union.  Go then and forget me.  Go and be happy.  May your sails be swelled with propitious gales!  May victory and renown attend your steps!” “Ah cruel Delia, and do you wish to banish me?  Do you enjoin upon me the impracticable talk, to forget all that my heart holds dear?  And will my Delia resign herself to the arms of a more favoured lover?” “Never,” cried she with warmth.  “I will not disobey my father.  I will not marry contrary to his inclinations.  But even the authority of a parent shall not drag me to the altar with a man my soul detests.”  “Propitious sounds!  Generous engagements!  Thus let me thank thee.”—­And he kissed her hand with fervour.  “Thus far,” cried Delia, “I can advance.  I employ no disguise.  I confess to you all my weakness.  Perhaps I ought to blush.  But never will I have this reason to blush, for that my love has injured the object it aspires to bless.  Go in the path of fortune.  Deserve success and happiness by the exemplariness of your duty.  And may heaven shower down blessings without number!”


The History of Mr. Godfrey.

In expostulations like these our lovers spent their time without coming to any conclusion, till the evening and Miss Fletcher warned them that it was time to depart.  Damon was to proceed for London early the next morning.  He therefore intreated of Delia to permit his friend Mr. Godfrey, who was obliged to continue in the place some days longer, to wait upon her with his last commands.  He informed himself of the time when she was to return to Southampton, and he trusted to be there not long after her.  In the mean time, as his situation was at present very precarious, he prevailed upon her to permit him to write to her from time to time, and to promise to communicate to him in return any thing of consequence that might happen to herself.

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