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One Sunday morning she washed and fed him very tenderly, for she knew he could not live much longer.  He was so weak that he could scarcely eat the food that she put in his mouth, so she let him lick some milk from her finger.  As she was going to church, I could not go with her, but I ran down the lane and watched her out of sight.  When I came back, Dandy was gone.  I looked till I found him.  He had crawled into the darkest corner of the stable to die, and though he was suffering very much, he never uttered a sound.  I sat by him and thought of his master in New York.  If he had brought Dandy up properly he might not now be here in his silent death agony.  A young pup should be trained just as a child is, and punished when he goes wrong.  Dandy began badly, and not being checked in his evil ways, had come to this.  Poor Dandy!  Poor, handsome dog of a rich master!  He opened his dull eyes, gave me one last glance, then, with a convulsive shudder, his torn limbs were still.  He would never suffer any more.

When Miss Laura came home, she cried bitterly to know that he was dead.  The boys took him away from her, and made him a grave in the corner of the garden.

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I have come now to the last chapter of my story.  I thought when I began to write, that I would put down the events of each year of my life, but I fear that would make my story too long, and neither Miss Laura nor any boys and girls would care to read it.  So I will stop just here, though I would gladly go on, for I have enjoyed so much talking over old times, that I am very sorry to leave off.

Every year that I have been at the Morrises’, something pleasant has happened to me, but I cannot put all these things down, nor can I tell how Miss Laura and the boys grew and changed, year by year, till now they are quite grown up.  I will just bring my tale down to the present time, and then I will stop talking, and go lie down in my basket, for I am an old dog now, and get tired very easily.

I was a year old when I went to the Morrises, and I have been with them for twelve years.  I am not living in the same house with Mr. and Mrs, Morris now, but I am with my dear Miss Laura, who is Miss Laura no longer, but Mrs. Gray.  She married Mr. Harry four years ago, and lives with him and Mr. and Mrs. Wood, on Dingley Farm.  Mr. and Mrs. Morris live in a cottage near by.  Mr. Morris is not very strong, and can preach no longer.  The boys are all scattered.  Jack married pretty Miss Bessie Drury, and lives on a large farm near here.  Miss Bessie says that she hates to be a farmer’s wife, but she always looks very happy and contented, so I think that she must be mistaken.  Carl is a merchant in New York, Ned is a clerk in a bank, and Willie is studying at a place called Harvard.  He says that after he finishes his studies, he is going to live with his father and mother.

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