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I was very thin then, not nearly so fat as I am now, still I was quite an armful for her.  But she did not seem to find me heavy.  She took me right into the house, through the back door, and down a long flight of steps, across a hall, and into a snug kitchen.

“For the land sakes, Miss Laura,” said a woman who was bending over a stove, “what have you got there?”

“A poor sick dog, Mary,” said Miss Laura, seating herself on a chair.  “Will you please warm a little milk for him?  And have you a box or a basket down here that he can lie in?”

“I guess so,” said the woman; “but he’s awful dirty; you’re not going to let him sleep in the house, are you?”

“Only for to-night.  He is very ill.  A dreadful thing happened to him, Mary.”  And Miss Laura went on to tell her how my ears had been cut off.

“Oh, that’s the dog the boys were talking about,” said the woman.  “Poor creature, he’s welcome to all I can do for him.”  She opened a closet door, and brought out a box, and folded a piece of blanket for me to lie on.  Then she heated some milk in a saucepan, and poured it in a saucer, and watched me while Miss Laura went upstairs to get a little bottle of something that would make me sleep.  They poured a few drops of this medicine into the milk and offered it to me.

I lapped a little, but I could not finish it, even though Miss Laura coaxed me very gently to do so.  She dipped her finger in the milk and held it out to me, and though I did not want it, I could not be ungrateful enough to refuse to lick her finger as often as she offered it to me.  After the milk was gone, Mary lifted up my box, and carried me into the washroom that was off the kitchen.

I soon fell sound asleep, and could not rouse myself through the night, even though I both smelled and heard some one coming near me several times.  The next morning I found out that it was Miss Laura.  Whenever there was a sick animal in the house, no matter if it was only the tame rat, she would get up two or three times in the night, to see if there was anything she could do to make it more comfortable.

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I don’t believe that a dog could have fallen into a happier home than I did.  In a week, thanks to good nursing, good food, and kind words, I was almost well.  Mr. Harry washed and dressed my sore ears and tail every day till he went home, and one day, he and the boys gave me a bath out in the stable.  They carried out a tub of warm water and stood me in it.  I had never been washed before in my life, and it felt very queer.  Miss Laura stood by laughing and encouraging me not to mind the streams of water trickling all over me.  I couldn’t help wondering what Jenkins would have said if he could have seen me in that tub.

That reminds me to say, that two days after I arrived at the Morrises’, Jack, followed by all the other boys, came running into the stable.  He had a newspaper in his hand, and with a great deal of laughing and joking, read this to me: 

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