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ELDRED ’Tis all in vain.

ELEANOR But let us make the attempt.  This old Man may have a wife,
                  and he may have children—­let us return to the spot;
                  we may restore him, and his eyes may yet open upon
                  those that love him.

ELDRED He will never open them more; even when he spoke to me, he
                  kept them firmly sealed as if he had been blind.

IDONEA (rushing out)
              It is, it is, my Father—­

ELDRED We are betrayed
       (looking at IDONEA).

ELEANOR His Daughter!—­God have mercy!
       (turning to IDONEA)

IDONEA (sinking down)
              Oh! lift me up and carry me to the place. 
              You are safe; the whole world shall not harm you.

ELEANOR This Lady is his Daughter.

ELDRED (moved)
              I’ll lead you to the spot.

IDONEA (springing up)
              Alive!—­you heard him breathe? quick, quick—­



SCENE—­A wood on the edge of the Waste

Enter OSWALD and a Forester.

FORESTER He leaned upon the bridge that spans the glen,
              And down into the bottom cast his eye,
              That fastened there, as it would check the current.

OSWALD He listened too; did you not say he listened?

FORESTER As if there came such moaning from the flood
              As is heard often after stormy nights.

OSWALD But did he utter nothing?

FORESTER See him there!

[MARMADUKE appearing.]

MARMADUKE Buzz, buzz, ye black and winged freebooters;
              That is no substance which ye settle on!

FORESTER His senses play him false; and see, his arms
              Outspread, as if to save himself from falling!—­
              Some terrible phantom I believe is now
              Passing before him, such as God will not
              Permit to visit any but a man
              Who has been guilty of some horrid crime.

[MARMADUKE disappears.]

OSWALD The game is up!—­

FORESTER If it be needful, Sir,
              I will assist you to lay hands upon him.

OSWALD No, no, my Friend, you may pursue your business—­
              ’Tis a poor wretch of an unsettled mind,
              Who has a trick of straying from his keepers;
              We must be gentle.  Leave him to my care.
        [Exit Forester.]
              If his own eyes play false with him, these freaks
              Of fancy shall be quickly tamed by mine;
              The goal is reached.  My Master shall become
              A shadow of myself—­made by myself.

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