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She Kicked Pa’s Hat Off.

Bolivar Took Half a Watermelon and Put the Red Side on Top of Pa’s Head.

Pa Turned the Cock of the Extinguisher and Pointed the Nozzle at
Bolivar’s Head.

The Bob Cat Struck Pa on the Back.

The Man Tackled Pa.

The Doctor Said It Was an Unmistakable Case of Yellow Fever.

After Scratching His Head a Minute, Ike Turned and Walked Toward the

I Punctured Pa’s Tires.

Chased by Police.

The Elephant kept Ducking Pa and Swabbing Out the Bottom of the

John L. Slatted Pa Just as Though He Was a Child.

Her Cart, Team and All, Were Thrown Right Against the Band.

Pa Struck on His Head Against a Wagon Wheel.

Pa Got an Ax and Cut the Fat Woman Out.

What Hit Him?  That’s the Worst Case I Ever Saw!

Gee, but Didn’t That Russian Talk Kopec and Damski.

O, but the Jap Didn’t Do a Thing to Pa!

The Indians Tied Pa to a Tree and Began to Pile Sticks Around Him.

The Fat Woman Jabbed Pa with Her Parasol.

When She Saw the Baboon She Yelled Fire.

The Lion Sneezed and Blew Pa Clear Across the Tent.

Pa Rode Out of Town and Rode All Night.

Bolivar Swatted Pa Clear Across the Ring.

Pa, Do Not Fear.

We Met Some Farmers.

Old Gentleman, You Ought to Come Down Off Your Perch.

The Keeper Who Trained the Ourang Outang Took Me in Hand.

He Hit Me Right in the Eye.

Here, Mr. Confederate, I Am not a Union Prisoner.

I Yelled Murder and Ran Between the Giant’s Legs.

The Camel Kicked an Arab Off a Rug.

Pa Tasted of It.

He Hit Pa Over the Head with His Chinese Lantern.

They Stampeded Like They Never Met a Hornet Before.

The Sacred Cow Chased Pa Up into the Rafters of the Car.

The Pony Was Off Like a Rabbit.

The Boss Canvasman Went into a Cactus.

Dad Was Only Hitting the High Places.

The Bull Tossed the Boy Through the Tent.

Pa Jumped Like a Box Car.

There Never Was Such a Runaway Since the Days of Ben Hur.

The Zebras Turned Short and Tipped the Tally-ho Over into the Water.

I Will Search for the Wildest of Red Men.

They Tossed Pa Up in the Blanket.

* * * * *

Peck’s Bad Boy With the Circus.


    The Bad Boy Begins a Diary—­Dad Has Become Manager for a Circus—­The
    Bad Boy Expects to Curry the Hyena and Do Stunts on the Trapeze—­Ma
    Says Pa Will Ogle the Circassian Beauty—–­ Pa Buys Some Circus
    Clothes and Lets His Whiskers Grow.

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