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“Happily,” said Esmo, “the first portion of the experiment will be made by the Vivisector-General alone, and will commence at midnight.  Half an hour before that time our party will be assembled.”

I had insisted on being one of the band, and Esmo had very reluctantly yielded to the unanimous approval of colleagues who thought that on this occasion physical strength might render essential service at some unforeseen crisis.  Moreover, the place lying within my geographical province, several of those engaged looked up to me as their immediate chief, and it was thought well to place me on such an occasion at their head.

The night was, as had been predicted, absolutely dark, but the roads were brilliantly lighted.  Suddenly, however, as we drew towards the point of meeting, the lights went out, an accident unprecedented in Martial administration.

“But they will be relighted!” said one of my companions.

“Can human skill relight the lamps that the power of the Star has extinguished?” was the reply of another.

We fell in military order, with perfect discipline and steadiness, under the influence of Esmo’s silent will and scarcely discernible gestures.  The wing of the college in which the dissection was to take place was guarded by some forty sentinels, armed with the spear and lightning gun.  But as we came close to them, I observed that each stood motionless as a statue, with eyes open, but utterly devoid of sight.

“I have been here before you,” murmured Esmo.  “To the left.”

The door gave way at once before the touch of some electric instrument or immaterial power wielded by his hand.  We passed in, guided by him, through one or two chambers, and along a passage, at the end of which a light shone through a crystal door.  Here proof of Esmo’s superior judgment was afforded.  He would fain have had the party much smaller than it was, and composed exclusively of the very few old and experienced members of the Zinta within reach at the moment.  We were nearly a score in number, some even more inexperienced than myself, half the party my own immediate followers; and I remembered far better the feelings of a friend and a soldier than the lessons of the college or the Shrine.  As the door opened, and we caught sight of our friend stretched on the vivisection table, the younger of the company, hurried on by my own example, lost their heads and got, so to speak, out of hand.  We rushed tumultuously forward and fell on the Vivisector and two assistants, who stood motionless and perhaps unconscious, but with glittering knives just ready for their fiendish work.  Before Esmo could interpose, these executioners were cut down with the “crimson blade” (cold steel); and we bore off our friend with more of eagerness and triumph than at all befitted our own consciousness of power, or suited the temper of our Chief.

Never did Esmo speak so sharply or severely as in the brief reprimand he gave us when we reassembled; the justice of which.  I instinctively acknowledged, as he ceased, by the salute I had given so often at the close of less impressive and less richly deserved reprimands on the parade ground or the march.  Uninjured, and speedily relieved from the effects of the quarry, Davilo was carried off to a place of temporary concealment, and we dispersed.

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