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Johanna Spyri
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“All I still have to tell you is short and sad,” said the mother.  “Leonore faithfully wrote to me.  After spending the first winter in the south it became apparent that the Baroness’s health was shattered.  She refused to return to the castle and sent her instructions to Apollonie, who had married the gardener of Wildenstein, and who now with her husband became caretaker of the castle, Three years afterwards the Baroness died without ever having returned.  A short time after that Leonore became Salo’s wife, but they were not fated to remain together long.  Not more than three years later Salo died of a violent fever and Leonore followed him in a few months, but they left a little boy and a little girl.  After Salo’s death Leonore was left alone in life, so an aunt from Holstein came to live with her in Nice.  After Leonore’s death this aunt took the two children home with her.  I heard this from Apollonie, who had been sent Leonore’s last instructions by this aunt.  I never learned anything further about the two children, and only once did I receive word from Baron Bruno through Apollonie.  Your late father, young Rector Bergmann, had married me just about the time when we heard of the Baroness’s death.  I followed him very gladly to Sils, because Philip had just bought an estate there and was very anxious to have me close to him.  One day Apollonie came to me in great agitation.  Baron Bruno, never once sending word, had arrived in the castle after an absence of eight years and had brought with him a companion by the name of Mr. Demetrius.  The Baron had naturally expected to find his mother, his brother and his erstwhile playmates gathered there as before.  When he heard from Apollonie everything that had happened in his absence, he broke into a violent passion, because he believed that the news had been purposely kept from him.  Apollonie was able to show him his late mother’s letters where she had given her exact orders in case of his return.  He could also see from them that she wrote to him frequently and had tried to reach him in vain.  Baron Bruno had lived an extremely unsettled existence and all the letters had miscarried, despite the orders he had left in big cities to have them forwarded.  Full of anger and bitterness the Baron immediately left, and till the present hour he has not been heard of.  Mr. Demetrius, later on called Mr. Trius by everybody, came back a few years ago to the deserted castle.  Apollonie had meanwhile lost her husband, had closed up all the rooms at the castle, and had gone to live again in the former gardener’s cottage, where she is living now.  From the time when he reappeared till to-day, Mr. Trius has led a solitary life and sees no one except Apollonie, and her only when he is in need of her.  However hard Apollonie tried to make him tell about his master, he would not do it.  You know now about my happy life in Wildenstein and will be able to understand the reason why I moved here again after the death of your father.  Another inducement was that our dear Rector, an erstwhile friend of my father’s, promised to give Bruno instruction which he could not get at a country school, so that I was able to keep him at home longer, you see.  Now you know why the deserted castle attracts me so despite its sad aspect, for it brings back to me my most beautiful memories.”

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