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(1844) The invention of the telegraph, Alonzo B. Cornell

(1846) Repeal of the English corn laws, Justin McCarthy

(1846) The discovery of Neptune, Sir Oliver Lodge

(1846) The acquisition of California, Henry B. Dawson

(1847) The fall of Abd-el-Kader, Edgar Sanderson

(1847) The Mexican war, John Bonner

(1847) Famine in Ireland, Sir Charles Gavan Duffy

(1848) Migrations of the Mormons, Thomas L. Kane

(1848) The reforms of Pius IX; his flight from Rome, Francis Bowen

(1848) The revolution of February in France, Francois P.G.  Guizot and
       Mme. Guizot de Witt

(1848) Revolutionary movements in German, C. Edmund Maurice

(1848) The revolt in Hungary, Arminius Vembery

(1848) The discovery of gold in California, John S. Hittell

(1849) The rise and fall of the Roman republic, Jessie White Mario

(1849) Livingstone’s African discoveries, David Livingstone and Thomas

(1851) The coup d’etat of Louis Napoleon, Alexis de Tocqueville

(1851) The discovery of gold in Australia, Edward Jenks

(1854) The rise of the republican party, Abraham Lincoln

(1854) The opening of Japan, Matthew C. Perry

(1855) The capture of Sebastopol, Sir Edward B. Hamley and Sir Evelyn

(1857) The Indian mutiny, J. Talboys Wheeler

(1859) The battles of Magenta and solferino, Pietro Orsi

(1859) Darwin publishes his origin of species, Charles Robert Darwin

(1860) The kingdom of Italy established, Giuseppe Garibaldi and John
       Webb Probyn

(1861) The emancipation of Russian serfs, Andrew D. White and Nikolai

(1844-1861) Universal chronology, Daniel Edwin Wheeler


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