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They are fitting out three ships for me here, that I may go on a new voyage of discovery; and I think they will be ready by the middle of September.  May it please our Lord to give me health and a good voyage, as I hope again to bring very great news and discover the island of Trapodana, which is between the Indian Ocean and the Sea of Ganges.  Afterward I intend to return to my country and seek repose in the days of my old age.  I have resolved, most excellent Lorenzo, that, as I have thus given you an account by letter of what has occurred to me, to send you two plans and descriptions of the world, made and arranged by my own hand skill.  There will be a map on a plane surface, and the other a view of the world in spherical form, which I intend to send you by sea, in the care of one Francesco Lotti, a Florentine, who is here.  I think you will be pleased with them, particularly with the globe, as I made one not long since for these sovereigns, and they esteem it highly.  I could have wished to have come with them personally, but my new departure for making other discoveries will not allow me that pleasure.  There are not wanting in your city persons who understand the figure of the world, and who may, perhaps, correct something in it.  Nevertheless, whatever may be pointed out for me to correct, let them wait till I come, as it may be that I shall defend myself and prove my accuracy.

I suppose your excellency has learned the news brought by the fleet which the King of Portugal sent two years ago to make discoveries on the coast of Guinea.  I do not call such a voyage as that one of discovery, but only a visit to discovered lands; because, as you will see by the map, their navigation was continually within sight of land, and they sailed round the whole southern part of Africa, which is proceeding by a way spoken of by all cosmographical authors.  It is true that the navigation has been very profitable, which is a matter of great consideration in this kingdom, where inordinate covetousness reigns.  I understand that they passed from the Red Sea and extended their voyage into the Persian Gulf to a city called Calicut, situated between the Persian Gulf and the river Indus.  More lately the King of Portugal has received from sea twelve ships very richly laden, and he has sent them again to those parts, where they will certainly do a profitable business if they arrive safely.

May our Lord preserve and increase the exalted state of your noble excellency as I desire.  July 18, 1500.

Your excellency’s humble servant, AMERIGO VESPUCCI.


A.D. 1502


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