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“But my protest is against the war, against those who are responsible for it, against those who direct it; it is against the capitalist policy which gave it birth; it is directed against the capitalist objects pursued by it, against the plans of annexation, against the violation of the neutrality of Belgium and Luxemburg, against military dictatorship, against the total oblivion of social and political duties of which the Government and ruling classes are still to-day guilty.  For this reason, I reject the military credits asked for.”—­From the “Daily News,” December 14, 1914.


“BERLIN, December 2.”

* * * * *


The following is the text of the resolution passed by the Central Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Party in reply to M. Vandervelde’s appeal on behalf of the Allied cause:—­

“We recognize the anti-democratic character of the Prussian hegemony, but as Russian Social Democrats we cannot forget another enemy of the workers, and no less dangerous—­Russian absolutism.  In home affairs this enemy remains what it always has been, a merciless oppressor and an unceasing exploiter.  Even at the present moment, when we should have thought this despotism would be more cautious, it remains the same and continues the political persecution of the democracy, and of all subject nationalities.  To-day all Socialist journals are stopped, all working class organizations are disbanded, many hundreds of members are arrested, and our brave comrades are sent to exile just as before.  Should this war end in victory for our present Government, it will become the centre and mainstay of international reaction....  Our immediate objective should be the convocation of a Constitutional Assembly.  We demand this in the interests of the same European democracy on whose behalf you appeal.  Our party is a very important section of the world’s democracies, and by fighting for our interests we are at the same time fighting for the interests of all democracies, enlarging and strengthening them.  We hope that our interests are not considered as opposed to those of other European democracies which we esteem as highly as our own.  We are persuaded that Russian absolutism is the chief support of reactionary militarism in Europe, and that it has bred in the German hegemony the dangerous enmity towards European democracy.”

* * * * *


“‘But what about the danger of Russia?’ my readers will probably ask.

“To this question, every serious person will probably answer, that when you are menaced by a great, very great danger, the first thing to do is to combat this danger, and then see to the next.  Belgium and a good deal of France are conquered by Germany, and the whole civilization of Europe is menaced by its iron fist.  Let us cope first with this danger.

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