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Francesco Saverio Nitti
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I have sought in this book to point out in all sincerity the things that are in store for Europe; what perils menace her and in what way her regeneration lies.  In my political career I have found many bitternesses; but the campaign waged against me has not disturbed me at all.  I know that wisdom and life are indivisible, and I have no need to modify anything of what I have done, neither in my propaganda nor in my attempt at human regeneration, convinced as I am that I am serving both the cause of my country and the cause of civilization.  Blame and praise do not disturb me, and the agitations promoted in the heart of my country will not modify in any way my conviction.  On the contrary, they will only reinforce my will to follow in my own way.

Truth, be it only slowly, makes its way.  Though now the clouds are blackest, they will shortly disappear.  The crisis which menaces and disturbs Europe so profoundly has inoculated with alarm the most excited spirits; Europe is still in the phase of doubt, but after the cries of hate and fury, doubt signifies a great advance.  From doubt the truth may come forth.


  ADRAIANOPLE, passes to the Greeks,
  Adriatic programme, Italy’s
  Albania, an Italian expedition into
  Alexander the Great as politician
  Allenstein, a plebiscite for
  Allies, the, war debts of
  Alsace-Lorraine, annexation of
    restitution of
  America, and question of army of occupation
    her attitude on reparations
    result of her entry into the war
    (see also United States)
  Apponyi, Count, on the Treaty of Trianon
  Arabia, Turkey’s losses in
  Armaments, reduction of
    the peace treaties and
  Armenia, movement for liberation of
  Armenian Republic, the
  Armistice terms, summary of
    three words change tenor of
  Army of Occupation, the
  Asia Minor, the Entente Powers and,
    Turkey’s losses in
  Australasia, British possessions in
  Australia as part of British dominions
  Austria, financial position of,
    loses access to the sea
  Austria-Hungary, and the Versailles Treaty
    civilizing influence of
    pre-war army of
    result of Treaty of St. Germain Germain-en-Laye
    States of, before the war
    victories of
  Austrian army, the

  BALKANS, the, Russia’s policy in
  Battles, a military fact
    difference between war and
  Belgium, acquires German territory
    army of
    financial position of
    population of
    violation of, and the consequences
  Bernhardi, General von
  Bismarck, foresight of
    political genius of
  Bolshevik Government, the fiasco of
    result of
  Bolshevism, and what it is
  Boxer rebellion, the Kaiser’s address to his troops
  Briand, M., on the objects of the Entente
  Bridgeheads, German, occupation of,
  British colonies, before the war,
  Brussels, Conference of,
  Budapest, conditions in,
    mortality in,
  Bulgaria, army of,
    the Treaty of Neuilly and,
  Buelow, von

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