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January, 1814

A chronological view


The age of Dante

A. D.

1265.  Dante, son of Alighieri degli Alighieri and Bella, is born at Florence.  Of his own ancestry he speaks in the Paradise, Canto xv. and xvi.

In the same year, Manfredi, king of Naples and Sicily, is defeated and slain by Charles of Anjou.  Hell, C. XXVIII. 13.  And Purgatory, C. Iii. 110.

Guido Novello of Polenta obtains the sovereignty of Ravenna.  H. C. XXVII. 38.

1266.  Two of the Frati Godenti chosen arbitrators of the differences at Florence.  H. C. XXIII. 104.  Gianni de’ Soldanieri heads the populace in that city.  H. C. XXXII. 118.

1268.  Charles of Anjou puts Conradine to death, and becomes King of Naples.  H. C. XXVIII. 16 and Purg C. XX. 66.

1272.  Henry iii. of England is succeeded by Edward I. Purg.  C. VII. 129.

1274.  Our Poet first sees Beatrice, daughter of Folco Portinari.

Guittone d’Arezzo, the poet, dies.  Purg.  C. XXIV. 56. 
Thomas Aquinas dies.  Purg.  C. XX. 67. and Par.  C. X. 96. 
Buonaventura dies.  Par.  C. XII. 25.

1275.  Pierre de la Brosse, secretary to Philip iii. of France, executed.  Purg.  C. VI. 23.

1276.  Giotto, the painter, is born.  Purg.  C. XI. 95.  Pope Adrian V. dies.  Purg.  C. XIX. 97.  Guido Guinicelli, the poet, dies.  Purg.  C. XI. 96. and C. XXVI. 83.

1277.  Pope John xxi. dies.  Par.  C. XII. 126.

1278.  Ottocar, king of Bohemia, dies.  Purg.  C. VII. 97.

1279.  Dionysius succeeds to the throne of Portugal.  Par.  C. XIX. 135.

1280.  Albertus Magnus dies.  Par.  C. X. 95.

1281.  Pope Nicholas iii. dies.  H. C. XIX 71.  Dante studies at the universities of Bologna and Padua.

1282.  The Sicilian vespers.  Par.  C. VIII. 80.  The French defeated by the people of Forli.  H. C. XXVII. 41.  Tribaldello de’ Manfredi betrays the city of Faenza.  H. C. XXXII. 119.

1284.  Prince Charles of Anjou is defeated and made prisoner by Rugiez de Lauria, admiral to Peter iii. of Arragon.  Purg.  C. XX. 78.  Charles I. king of Naples, dies.  Purg.  C. VII. 111.

1285.  Pope Martin iv. dies.  Purg.  C. XXIV. 23.  Philip iii. of France, and Peter iii. of Arragon, die.  Purg.  C. VII. 101 and 110.  Henry ii. king of Cyprus, comes to the throne.  Par.  C. XIX. 144.

1287.  Guido dalle Colonne (mentioned by Dante in his De Vulgari Eloquio) writes “The War of Troy.”

1288.  Haquin, king of Norway, makes war on Denmark.  Par.  C. XIX. 135.  Count Ugolino de’ Gherardeschi dies of famine.  H. C. XXXIII. 14.

1289.  Dante is in the battle of Campaldino, where the Florentines defeat the people of Arezzo, June 11.  Purg.  C. V. 90.

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