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—­underneath a bright sea flow’d Of jasper, or of liquid pearl.  Milton, P. L. b. iii. 518.

v. 80.  Shadowy of the truth.] Son di lor vero ombriferi prefazii.  So Mr. Coleridge, in his Religious Musings, v. 406.  Life is a vision shadowy of truth.

v. 88. —­the eves Of mine eyelids.] Thus Shakespeare calls the eyelids “penthouse lids.”  Macbeth, a, 1. s, 3.

v. 108.  As some cliff.]
A lake
That to the fringed bank with myrtle crown’d
Her crystal mirror holds. 
Milton, P. L. b. iv. 263.

v. 118.  My view with ease.]
Far and wide his eye commands
For sight no obstacle found here, nor shade, But all sunshine. 
Milton, P. l. b. iii. 616.

v. 135.  Of the great Harry.] The Emperor Henry vii, who died in 1313.

v. 141.  He.] Pope Clement V. See Canto xxvii. 53.

v. 145.  Alagna’s priest.] Pope Boniface viii.  Hell, Canto xix.



v. 6.  Bees.] Compare Homer, Iliad, ii. 87.  Virg.  Aen.  I. 430, and Milton, P. L. b. 1. 768.

v. 29.  Helice.] Callisto, and her son Arcas, changed into the constellations of the Greater Bear and Arctophylax, or Bootes.  See Ovid, Met. l. ii. fab. v. vi.

v. 93.  Bernard.] St. Bernard, the venerable abbot of Clairvaux, and the great promoter of the second crusade, who died A.D. 1153, in his sixty-third year.  His sermons are called by Henault, “chefs~d’oeuvres de sentiment et de force.”  Abrege Chron. de l’Hist. de Fr. 1145.  They have even been preferred to al1 the productions of the ancients, and the author has been termed the last of the fathers of the church.  It is uncertain whether they were not delivered originally in the French tongue.

That the part he acts in the present Poem should be assigned to him. appears somewhat remarkable, when we consider that he severely censured the new festival established in honour of the Immaculate Conception of the virgin, and opposed the doctrine itself with the greatest vigour, as it supposed her being honoured with a privilegewhich belonged to Christ Alone Dr. Maclaine’s Mosheim, v. iii. cent. xii. p. ii. c. 3 — 19.

v. 95.  Our Veronica ] The holy handkerchief, then preserved at Rome, on which the countenance of our Saviour was supposed to have been imprest.

v. 101.  Him.] St. Bernard.

v. 108.  The queen.] The Virgin Mary.

v. 119.  Oriflamb.] Menage on this word quotes the Roman des
-Iignages of Guillaume Ghyart. 
Oriflamme est une banniere
De cendal roujoyant et simple
Sans portraiture d’autre affaire,


v. 3.  She.] Eve.

v. 8.  Ancestress.] Ruth, the ancestress of David.

v. 60.  In holy scripture.] Gen. c. xxv. 22. v. 123.  Lucia.] See Hell, Canto ii. 97.

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