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v. 122.  Clement.] Pope Clement iv.

v. 127.  The stream of Verde.] A river near Ascoli, that falls into he Toronto.  The “xtinguished lights " formed part of the ceremony t the interment of one excommunicated.

v. 130.  Hope.] Mentre che la speranza ha fior del verde.  Tasso, G. L. c. xix. st. 53. —­infin che verde e fior di speme.


v. 1.  When.] It must be owned the beginning of this Canto is somewhat obscure.  Bellutello refers, for an elucidation of it, to the reasoning of Statius in the twenty-fifth canto.  Perhaps some illustration may be derived from the following, passage in South’s Sermons, in which I have ventured to supply the words between crotchets that seemed to be wanting to complete the sense.  Now whether these three, judgement memory, and invention, are three distinct things, both in being distinguished from one another, and likewise from the substance of the soul itself, considered without any such faculties, (or whether the soul be one individual substance) but only receiving these several denominations rom the several respects arising from the several actions exerted immediately by itself upon several objects, or several qualities of the same object, I say whether of these it is, is not easy to decide, and it is well that it is not necessary Aquinas, and most with him, affirm the former, and Scotus with his followers the latter.”  Vol. iv.  Serm. 1.

v. 23.  Sanleo.] A fortress on the summit of Montefeltro.

v. 24.  Noli.] In the Genoese territory, between Finale and Savona.

v. 25.  Bismantua.] A steep mountain in the territory of Reggio.

v. 55.  From the left.] Vellutello observes an imitation of Lucan in this passage: 

Ignotum vobis, Arabes, venistis in orbem,
Umbras mirati nemornm non ire sinistras. 
Phars. s. 1. iii. 248

v. 69 Thou wilt see.] “If you consider that this mountain of Purgatory and that of Sion are antipodal to each other, you will perceive that the sun must rise on opposite sides of the respective eminences.”

v. 119.  Belacqua.] Concerning this man, the commentators afford no information.


v. 14.  Be as a tower.] Sta ome torre ferma

Berni, Orl.  Inn. 1. 1. c. xvi. st. 48: 
In quei due piedi sta fermo il gigante
Com’ una torre in mezzo d’un castello.

And Milton, P. L. b. i. 591. 
Stood like a tower.

v. 36.  Ne’er saw I fiery vapours.] Imitated by Tasso, G. L, c. xix t. 62:  Tal suol fendendo liquido sereno Stella cader della gran madre in seno.

And by Milton, P. L. b. iv. 558: 
Swift as a shooting star
In autumn thwarts the night, when vapours fir’d
Impress the air.

v. 67.  That land.] The Marca d’Ancona, between Romagna and Apulia, the kingdom of Charles of Anjou.

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