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People who don’t think are ruled by feeling.  Women feel.  They feel not only for themselves but for other people.  They shoulder the burdens of the whole family and a few outside the family.  They do it themselves—­ because it is easier to feel than to think.  Nobody walks up to a woman and says, “Here—­I have a burden that’s very heavy—­you carry it whilst I go off and have a good time.”  No.  The woman simply takes the burden and hugs it and “feels” it—­and prides herself on doing it.  And maybe the thing she hugs as a burden is no burden at all to the other people in the family.  My dear, women as a rule are chumps.  They’d rather feel anything than to think the right thing.

Now I’d like to know if you think a woman who has made herself round-shouldered and wrinkled and sour-visaged over burdens—­anybody’s burdens, real or fancied—­is such a creature as attracts love or consideration from anybody.  Of course she is not.  It is no wonder she receives no love or consideration from her husband or anybody else.  She has made a pack mule out of herself for the carrying of utterly useless burdens that nobody wants carried and the carrying of which benefits nobody; and now that she has grown ugly and sour at the business she need not feel surprised at being slighted.  And she need not blame folks for slighting her. She assumed the burdens; she carried them; she wore herself out at it; it is all her own fault.  It was easier for her to feel, and grumble, than to wake up and THINK, and change things.

Nobody who thinks will carry a single burden for even a single day.  He knows that fretting and worrying and grumbling only double the burden and accomplish nothing.

Woman has built herself for bearing children and burdens.  When she gets tired of her bargain she will think her way out of the whole thing.  In the meantime the harder the burdens grow the more quickly she will revolt and make of herself something besides a burden bearer.

It is all nonsense to talk about the men being “willfully blind or wholly and utterly selfish.”  No man wants a burden-bearing, round-shouldered, wrinkled and fagged-out wife.  No man respects or loves a woman who will “submit” to bearing unlimited burdens or babies either.  And if a woman “submits” and yet keeps up a continual grumbling and nagging about it, a man simply despises her.

What every man hopes for when he marries a woman, is that she will be a bright, trim, reasonable comrade. If she is even half-way that she will get all the love and consideration she can long for.  But in three-quarters of the cases of marriage the woman degenerates into a whining bundle of thought-less FEELINGS done up in a slattern’s dress and smelling like a drug-shop.  Her husband in despair gives up trying to understand her, or to love her either.

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