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Jane feels abused because she thinks I think that in family strains the woman is more at fault. In a sense I do. Women cannot only make and unmake empires but they DO make or fail to make harmony at home.  Why, men with all their power are mere rag babies in the hands of women of tact.  Women are the real power in the world—­the power behind the throne.  If only they would develop that particular kind of power instead of coming around in front of the throne to lay down the law!—­instead of measuring their man-strength against man.  Real woman-strength will move the most stubborn of men.  If I “blame” the woman (I blame neither, any more than I blame a child for childishness) it is because I know she is the ruling power.  Her responsibility is determined by her real power.

And above all a Taurus woman may rule her home—­and does.  Either she rules by force—­for she has more than her share of the man in her—­and makes war and trouble for herself and others; or she learns her lesson and rules by loving tact; in which case her husband rises up and calls her blessed.  The woman who knows and rules herself is the woman of Proverbs XXXI, 10th to 31st verses.  Her husband is honored among men because he is honored at home; and because he is honored he lives up to it.  Why, girls, you hold your husband’s destiny in the hollow of your hand, in a far greater sense than any man holds a woman’s.

But as I said before, it takes two to make an unhappy home and either one can bring harmony out of discord. Any ordinary woman can do it if she will.  And any extraordinary man can do it quite as well as an ordinary woman.

This is not a question of what “society” admits; it is a personal question between one man and one woman.  It is a partnership, whether society so admits or not.  And the failure of one of the partners to live up to the expressed or implied agreement does not justify the other party in the misdoing of her part as long as they live together.  Does one theft or murder justify another?  No!  Neither does a neglectful husband justify a scolding or spiteful wife, nor vice versa.

Two people marry first, for the happiness of love; and second, for home privileges.  No matter whether love flees or not, as long as they keep up the home-privileges partnership it should be done in the spirit of harmony.  Remember, it takes two to destroy harmony and either one can restore it.  If marriage is not a love contract let it at least be a harmonious business contract.  If you can’t, or won’t, adjust yourself to your husband, then leave him.  Don’t stay and half-do your part of the business and cultivate hate and contempt.  It’s hell. Get out.

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