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“The inner side of every cloud
   Is bright and shining;
I therefore turn my clouds about,
   And always wear them inside out—­
To show the lining.”

—­James Whitcomb Riley.

“And I will show that there is no imperfection in the
  present, and can be none in the future,
And I will show that whatever happens to anybody
  it may be turned to beautiful results.”

—­Walt Whitman.




“Some dear relatives of mine proposed Ada as my future bride.  I like Ada and I gladly accepted the offer, and I mean to wed her about the middle of this year.  Is this a working of the Law of Attraction?  I want to make our married life happy and peaceful.  I long for a wedded life of pure blessedness and love and joy without even a pinhead of bitterness ever finding lodgment in our household.  How can I attain this state of peace?  This is what I now do:  I enter into the Silence daily at a particular hour and enjoy the mental picture of how I desire to be when married.  Am I right?  Please tell me how to make my ideal real.”  Tudor, Island of Ceylon.

The above letter comes from a member of the Success Circle who is a highly cultured and interesting looking native East Indian.  We have a full length photo of him in native costume.

He asks if “this is the working of the Law of Attraction.”  Certainly it is.  Just as the sun acts through a sheet of glass so the Law of Attraction acts through the conventionalities of a race.  Whatever comes together is drawn together by the Law.  Whatever is held together is held by that same Law of Attraction.

This is just as true in unhappy marriages as in happy ones.  If two people are distinctly enough individualized; that is, if they understand and command themselves sufficiently; their attraction and marriage will bring to them only pleasure.  If they are not distinctly enough individualized there will be a monkey-and-parrot experience whilst they are working out the wisdom for which they were attracted.

When soda and sour milk are drawn together there is a great stew and fizz, but the end thereof is sweetness and usefulness.  So with two adverse and uncontrolled natures; but out of the stew comes added wisdom, self-command and rounded character for each.

When each has finished the work of helping the other to develop they will either find themselves really in love with each other, or they will fall apart. Some stronger attraction will separate them at the right time—­perhaps through divorce, perhaps through death.

All our goings and comings are due to the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction giveth, and it taketh away. Blessed is the Law. Let it work.  And forget not that all things are due to its working.

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