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General questions.

I. Idea of the Breviary
ii.  Short History of Divine praise in general,
of the Breviary in particular
iii.  The excellence of the Roman Breviary in
itself and in comparison with others
Respect due to the sacred volume
iv. 1.  The contents of the Breviary
2.  The ecclesiastical year and its parts; the
3.  General Rubrics of the Breviary
Title I. The double office
" II.  The office of a semi-double
" Iii.  The office of a simple
" IV.  The office of Sunday
" V. The ferial office
" VI.  The office of vigils
" VII.  Octaves
" VIII.  Office of the Blessed Virgin for Saturdays
" IX.  Commemorations
" X. The Translation of Feasts
" XI.  Concurrence of office
" XII.  The arrangement of the office
" XIII.  Matins
" XIV.  Lauds
" XV.  Prime
" XVI.  Terce, Sext, None
" XVII.  Vespers
" XVIII.  Compline
" XIX.  The Invitatory
" XX.  Hymns
" XXI.  Antiphons
" XXII.  Psalms
" XXIII.  Canticles
" XXIV.  Versicle and responds
" XXV.  Absolutions and Benedictions
" XXVI.  The Lessons
" XXVII.  The responses after the lessons
" XXVIII.  The short responses after the hours
" XXIX.  Capitulum
" XXX.  Oratio, collects
" XXXI.  The Hymn Te Deum
" XXXII.  Pater Noster and Ave
" XXXIII.  The Apostles’ Creed and the Athanasian Creed
" XXXIV.  The Preces
" XXXV.  The suffrages of the saints
" XXXVI.  The antiphons of the Blessed Virgin
" XXXVII.  The little office of the Blessed Virgin


Rules from moral and ascetic theology for the recitation
   of the breviary.

Who are bound to say the office? 
Must every holder of a benefice read the office? 
What sin is committed by the omission of a notable part? 
What sins are committed by the omission of the whole office? 
What must a person do who has a doubt about omissions? 
Does a person, who recites by mistake, an office other than that
  prescribed fulfil his obligation? 
What causes justify an inversion of the hours? 
Is it a sin to say Matins of following day before finishing Compline
  of the current day? 
What is the time fixed for recitation of the Office? 
When may a priest begin the recitation of Matins and Lauds for the
  following day? 
What is true time as regards recitation of the office? 
Are priests bound to recite Matins and Lauds before

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