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Half a year, half a year, half a year onward,” has punchinello advanced since he wafted his first number to the four quarters of the globe.

His road has not been a very easy one to travel.

Bad characters lurked behind the fences, from which they would sometimes take a sneak shot at the Showman as he passed.  These fellows were awfully bad shots, though, never so much as hitting the van in which the show travels.  Punchinello’s return fire always set the scamps a-scampering, and all they had for their pains was the loss of their ammunition, and the discovery that the row kicked up by them had attracted crowds of people to the spot, so that Punchinello’s show was capitally advertised by their noise.

Punchinello’s First Volume, then, is a substantial fact.  It is an entirely new, original, and complete article, which no family should be without.

Read what the New York Moon that Shines for All says about it: 

“Put a head on yourself by reading punchinello, Vol. 1.  It is by far the best tonic bitters in the market.  It cured the editor of this paper of a very malignant attack, (made by himself on punchinello,) after three applications.”

Several gentle critics predicted an early death for punchinello on account of the buff color selected by him for his full dress costume.  Ha! ha! gentlemen, many a blow falls harmless on the wearer of a buff-jerkin.  As the old poet, whose name we have forgotten, might have said, had he been in the humor—­“He who will cuff it, Eke should buff it,”—­a maxim to which punchinello gives his cordial adhesion.

And now comes punchinello to the beginning of his Second Volume, encouraged by the success of his First.

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