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Hoofed locusts
Mount TAMALPAIS—­north of the golden Gate
Mount Shasta, looking Southwest
Mount Hood
Mount Rainier from paradise valley—­Nisqually glacier
map of the yosemite valley
map of the yosemite valley, showing present Reservation Boundary
view of the mono plain from the foot of bloody canon
lake Tenaya, one of the yosemite fountains
the death of A lake
lake Starr king
view in the Sierra forest
edge of the timber line on Mount Shasta
view in the main pine belt of the Sierra forest
nut pine
the grove form
lower margin of the main pine belt, showing open character of woods
sugar pine on exposed ridge
young sugar pine beginning to bear cones
forest of Sequoia, sugar pine, and Douglas spruce
Pinus ponderosa
silver pine 210 feet high
incense cedar in its prime
forest of grand silver firs
view of forest of the magnificent silver fir
silver-fir forest growing on moraines of the Hoffman and Tenaya
juniper, or red cedar
storm-beaten Hemlock spruce, forty feet high
group of erect dwarf pines
A dwarf pine
oak growing among yellow pines
track of Douglas squirrel once down and up A pine-tree when showing
  off to A spectator
seeds, wings, and scale of sugar pine
trying the bow
A wind-storm in the California forests
water-ouzel diving and feeding

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