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Your Money or Your Life Summary
Joe Dominguez

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Your Money or Your Life Summary

Plot Summary

Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independence is a systematic guide to achieving financial independence, just as the subtitle explains. In this book, the authors present a nine-step process for achieving financial independence. Although the book is over 300 pages long, the actual steps in the process of achieving financial dependence are very simple. Indeed, they are summarized in the epilogue in fewer than nine pages. The rest of the book is necessary, however, because it places the nine steps in context. Much of the book is simply about convincing the reader that the steps will work and explaining why it is important for the reader to complete each and every step without skipping any of them.

According to the book, there are nine steps to achieve financial independence. First, the program participant figures out how much money they have earned during...

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