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Young Warriors: Stories of Strength Summary
Tamora Pierce

Everything you need to understand or teach Young Warriors by Tamora Pierce.

  • Young Warriors: Stories of Strength Summary & Study Guide

Young Warriors: Stories of Strength Summary


Mactunappears in The Gift of Rain Mountain.

Mactun is a young boy living in South America. He longs to become a warrior and hopes to prove his worth by delivering important messages to and from his village. Mactun takes a short cut through Rain Mountain, even though he knows the mountain is enchanted. He turns down numerous bribes by the Lord of the Mountain, but can't turn down having his ultimate wish granted. Mactun wishes there to be no more war and the Lord grants his wish, leaving Mactun alone in the world.

Fare.appears in The Magestone.

Fare is a teenaged boy who sails on a ship with his uncle. Fare wears a good luck charm on his neck given to him by his mother. Fare's father wore the charm and the only time he left it behind is the time he never returned home. Fare is...

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