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Ring Lardner

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You Know Me Al Summary

Jack Keefe knows he is the hero of his own life. He is, in his own eyes, the most valuable member of the Chicago White Sox; his wins result from his excellence, his losses from the errors of his teammates. His egotism is so thorough and so naive that he never really comprehends that owners, managers, teammates, opponents, spouses, or even readers like the long-suffering Al might place a lower value upon his merits. He thoroughly monopolizes the narrative. His is the only voice, and his imperfect syntax and diction render a Keefeian version of the actions, speech, and thoughts of everyone else. In his narrative everyone takes a back seat to his version of himself. As a result, few other characters are individualized. Al may know Jack, but there is no way for the reader to know Al; Lardner does not present his responses to Jack's selfinvolved...

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