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Wunderkind Summary
Carson McCullers

Everything you need to understand or teach Wunderkind by Carson McCullers.

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Wunderkind Summary


Written in 1936, when Carson McCullers was 19 years old, "Wunderkind" was McCullers's first published work. It presents the story of Frances, a teenage girl who has been considered a musical prodigy but who, after years of training and sacrifice, seems suddenly incapable of fulfilling the bright expectations she has always held. In the brief space of a single piano lesson, we see her struggling to recover the confidence and artistry she once knew and trying to navigate a flood of conflicting emotions and desires that threaten to overwhelm her. Often praised as a sensitive, insightful portrayal of the pressures and isolation of adolescence, it is marked by a dramatic tension that increases relentlessly throughout the story—despite the fact that very little "action" occurs. That action takes place in the studio of her music teacher, but the story's actual setting is the intimate depths of Frances's troubled mind.


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