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Writings, 1902-1910 Summary
William James

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Writings, 1902-1910 Summary

Plot Summary

Writings 1902-1910 is a collection of William James writings on psychology, religion, philosophy, science, and social critique. In particular, James defends his theory of pragmatism with extraordinary academic rigor, using concepts and principles from several different fields to support his conclusions.

The book begins with one of James' most influential writings "The Varieties of Religious Experience." James begins by attacking the idea that current practice of religion is simply an atavistic response to an attempt of our ancestors to explain natural phenomena before the advent of science. He asserts that religious experience is real and serves to connect people to a 'spiritual universe'. Finally he claims that religious experiences impact people in a positive fashion, making them better members of the world society.

James next outlines his theory of pragmatism. The pragmatic theory is a way of approaching philosophy and indeed general life in which the difference of...

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