Wind Over Wisconsin Summary
August Derleth

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Wind Over Wisconsin Summary

While Wind Over Wisconsin was written too soon to be, in any way, part of an environmental movement, Derleth reflected the 1930s awakening to a sense of place. As a regionalist writer, Derleth expresses loving respect for the natural beauty and the accompanying resources of the Wisconsin River valley. The beneficence of the land and its contribution to the mental health of its inhabitants are a consistent theme in the Sac Prairie novels. Pierneau learns from his surroundings the will to continue in the face of the loss of two sons, his wife, and his faith in the wisdom and strength of his Indian Chief friend Black Hawk. Repeatedly, those who would misuse the land or who do not appreciate its pantheistic possibilities are shown to be unworthy, and Derleth feels no compunction about allowing his protagonist to shoot those uncaring souls with impunity — always, of course...

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