Wild Timothy Summary
Gary L. Blackwood

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Wild Timothy Summary

Wild Timothy is a compelling adven ture story of survival in the wilderness.

Wrong Way Timothy Martin, a teen-age boy more at home with a book in his hand than an ax, gets lost in the woods while on a camping trip with his outdoorsman father. Injured and scared, he manages to forage for food, find water, and build a shelter, relying on knowledge he has gained from reading hundreds of books. Timothy has to overcome his own reservations about his ability to make it on his own before he can survive. By trial and error he learns to build a fire, boil water in a bark basket, and make a shelter watertight.

Much of the book's appeal stems not from a traditional boy-against-nature conflict, which is common in many survival novels, but from the unique situation of a boy learning to live within the bounds of nature...

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