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Diana Wynne Jones

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Wild Robert Summary

In Wild Robert, issues of growing up and showing kind concern for others are presented in ways that readers can thoroughly enjoy. The issues are developed in highly imaginative scenes that involve displays of magical power. The magic starts when Robert, a young nobleman who lived 350 years ago, returns to his castle and confronts its modern curators and the tourists they host.

The plot generates both hilarity and suspense as the curators' daughter Heather tries to understand and restrain the nobleman Robert, who makes mischief. Although such contact between people of the past and present is improbable, these two characters possess qualities that make them seem human and believable.

Heather learns important lessons about maturity and compassion for others because of Robert's unpleasant magic spells.

He casts the spells because he is shocked and disgusted at the bad manners he witnesses among the tourists. He wants them to...

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