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Where We Stand: Class Matters Summary
Bell hooks

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  • Where We Stand: Class Matters Summary & Study Guide

Where We Stand: Class Matters Summary

Plot Summary

Bell Hooks' book, "Where We Stand: Class Matters," is an account of Bell's personal and professional journey in a society that is plagued by classism, racism and sexism. Bell was born and raised in a segregated black community in a small town in Kentucky. Although race was discussed rather overtly, the subject of class was never broached. Bell's parents were hard-working people who had nothing left for luxuries after providing the basic essentials for their seven children. Bell and her siblings would long for material things—clothes and expensive gadgets—that other children had but instinctively knew that they could not have them. The scars from unanswered dreams and shattered hopes provide a tough lesson for a child and, as Bell can testify, one that lingers for years.

Bell was the first person in her family to attend college. Bell's freshman year at school was spent...

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