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Williams, David

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When the English Fall Overview

When the English Fall by David Williams is a dystopian survivalist novel that details the struggles of an Amish community when a solar storm destroys modern society. Told through the journal entries of Jacob, an Amish farmer, When the English Fall examines the pitfalls of modern civilization, the power of faith, and the importance of family. While the Amish at first remain unaffected by the effects of the solar storm, chaos soon finds them when the English -- the Amish term for non-Amish people -- flee their ruined cities in search of food. Jacob must figure out how to navigate a new, violent reality while staying true to his pacifist Amish values. A thoughtful meditation on the different ways human beings choose to behave during catastrophe, When the English Fall illustrates the struggles a peaceful community faces when violence threatens the lives of its people.

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