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When God Was a Woman Summary
Merlin Stone

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When God Was a Woman Summary

Plot Summary

In When God Was a Woman, Merlin Stone provides abundant information about early female religions that can make up for the disinformation and censorship that retard the liberation of women today.

Creation myths from across the ancient show that Genesis is one attempt at explaining human existence rather than a prescription for stereotyping and oppressing women. The Great Goddess has been worshiped under many titles since at least Neolithic times (7000 BCE) as a singular entity, precisely like God is today. She invents agriculture and writing, heals, and gives laws that provide women full rights. Women control Her rituals, which often include annual lamentations for a young lover/consort who dies. Priestesses are Her incarnation, and sex with them is a means of communion. This changes as "battle ax cultures" invade (2400 BCE) and transfer dominance to males. Everywhere, women slip in status from clergy to musicians, and the Goddess...

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