What I Really Think of You Summary
M. E. Kerr (Marijane Meaker)

Everything you need to understand or teach What I Really Think of You by M. E. Kerr (Marijane Meaker).

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What I Really Think of You Summary

What I Really Think of You explores the feelings and experiences of two young people, Opal Ringer, the daughter of an impoverished Fundamentalist preacher, and Jesse Pegler, the son of an affluent television minister. Both Opal and Jesse are identified as PKs. In Opal's opinion, this is their one common characteristic. The fact is that Opal and Jesse share many other commonalities, many of which are not unique to PKs. Many young people, regardless of their religious beliefs or family affiliations experience difficul ties related to family relationships, peer relationships, sibling rivalry, and frustrations of their hopes and aspirations.

Opal Ringer considers poverty a natural part of her staunch Fundamentalist faith, yet she would like a more affluent lifestyle. She admits to herself that if it were possible to have material wealth and her faith as well, she would be pleased. Jesse recognizes his father's religion to be...

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