What About Grandma? Summary
Hadley Irwin (Lee Hadley)

Everything you need to understand or teach What About Grandma? by Hadley Irwin (Lee Hadley).

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What About Grandma? Summary

When the story of What About Grandma? begins Eve, Grandma's daughter, and Rhys, her granddaughter, expect to spend four weeks at Grandma's home in the process of disposing of her house and other possessions. They expect, also, to make certain that Grandma Wyn is comfortable in the nursing home where she has already been placed by her son Dave, Eve's brother.

Wyn has a broken hip caused by falling down the stairs in her home. It seems clear to Eve and Rhys that at her advanced age Wyn cannot be expected to live alone any longer and care for herself.

Everyone is in for a surprise, however, when on their first visit to the nursing home, Eve and Rhys find that Wyn has already checked out, is packed and determined to return to her own home. Previous plans have to be changed drastically. Wyn's house cannot be put...

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