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Mary Higgins Clark

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We'll Meet Again Summary

Clark's social concerns reflect concrete themes: the potential failures and abuses of the HMO medical care system and the justice system. However, her more abstract themes concern what lies behind them.

Clark's recurring theme throughout her canon is the deceptive nature of appearances. In particular, Clark is concerned with questions of trust and betrayal involving those nearest and dearest to her central characters: a seemingly loving spouse who had dark secrets and conducted hidden affairs; childhood friends and parents whose affection has always been taken for granted but who prove unreliable; employers or employees with whom longtime personal and professional ties are broken.

Molly Lasch has experienced all of these breakdowns of trust. Her husband had numerous affairs behind her back but flaunted his relationship with Annamarie Scalli, a nurse at his hospital who became pregnant by him. Molly's statement that she could kill him for such a...

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