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Watchmen Summary
Alan Moore

Everything you need to understand or teach Watchmen by Alan Moore.

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Watchmen Summary

Plot Summary

In 1939, several New York City costumed heroes become vigilante crime fighters. They form a loosely organized group known as the Minutemen. As the original costumed heroes age and retire, they are replaced by a younger generation of costumed heroes. In 1966, the new generation of costumed heroes gathers for an organizational meeting where one of them proposes the foundation of a new group of crime fighting heroes. Although the suggestion does not come to fruition, it does introduce many of the individual vigilantes to the others. Several alliances result.

In 1959, a strange accident happens at a government physics research laboratory, which results in the transformation of Jon Osterman into Dr. Manhattan, an actual super-hero with supernatural abilities. While other costumed heroes are simply highly trained and highly motivated athletes, Dr. Manhattan can control the very nature of reality, creating atoms from nothing, teleporting objects, and existing in a sort...

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