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T. S. Eliot

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Garbage In 1999, the United States generated 230 million tons of municipal solid waste, compared with 195 million tons in 1990, according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates. On avera... Read more
1,340 words, approx. 5 pages
Household Waste Household waste is commonly referred to as garbage or trash. As the population of the world expands, so does the amount of waste produced. Generally, the more automated and industria... Read more
70 words, approx. 1 pages
Waste Stream Streams of gas, liquid, or solids that are the by-products of a treatment operation or industrial process. The term has also been used to describe the flow of solid waste from various sou... Read more
2,297 words, approx. 8 pages
Waste Advanced industrial societies produce enormous quantities of waste. People know it when they see it, yet waste does not admit of any strictly physical definition. Moreover what is at one point... Read more
714 words, approx. 3 pages
Waste Waste has been defined as a moveable object with no direct use that is discarded permanently. There are many different kinds of waste, including solid, liquid, gaseous, hazardous, radioactive, a... Read more
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