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Wake Summary
Lisa McMann

Everything you need to understand or teach Wake by Lisa McMann.

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Wake Summary

Plot Summary

Wake is a novel by author Lisa McMann. In this novel, Janie Hannagan, the only child of an alcoholic mother, is the main character of the story. Janie takes readers into the lives of her family and the other people living in the town where she lives because Janie has the ability to get into the dreams of the people that fall asleep in her presence.

As the story unfolds, the readers learn about the many secret fears and desires that the people in Janie's life have through her ability to see into their dreams. Janie realizes she has this ability when she is eight years old. Janie continues to get pulled into people's dreams from this point on. When Janie is a senior in high school, she learns how to control her transition in and out of the dream and how to help the people maneuver the...

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