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Volcanic Eruptions A volcanic eruption is the release of molten rock and volcanic gases through Earth's crust to the surface. Molten rock within the earth, or magma, is driven to erupt by buoya... Read more
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Volcanic Vent Volcanic vents are openings in Earth's crust where molten lava and volcanic gases escape onto the land surface or into the atmosphere. Most volcanoes have a circular central vent ... Read more
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Volcano Volcanoes are vents or fissures in Earth's crust through which lava, gases, and pyroclastic debris are released. More commonly, the term volcano refers to the landform built up from the... Read more
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Volcano Volcanoes have been called the thermostat of the planet. They wreak havoc, but also spawn far-ranging benefits for soil and air. Some earth scientists now say that the vast swath of destruct... Read more
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In many parts of the world, volcanoes rise like towers above the land, sitting quietly for hundreds, even thousands, of years. Many appear to be no more than snow-capped mountains, which vacationers a... Read more
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