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Violence Collective violence bracketed the Civil War and was important both to events leading up to the war and to its results. In an upsurge of rioting in the mid-1830s, proslavery mobs predominated.... Read more
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Violence VIOLENCE. Humans, as individuals and as groups, have the potential to be violent. Physical violence is disruptive and damaging to other individuals and groups because it conflicts with some o... Read more
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National Television Violence Study Violence on television has been the subject of debate for decades in the United States. It seems as though everyone has an opinion on the topic. Many observers argue... Read more
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Violence One of the multiple battlefields of environmental determinists versus biological determinists relates to the causes of violence. The former see violence as a primarily culturally rooted pheno... Read more
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Violence "Violence" is derived from the Latin violentia, "vehemence," which itself comes from vis (force) + latus (to carry) and means, literally, intense force. Violence s... Read more
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Violence and Brutality Introduction One of the greatest murderers of the twentieth century, or any century, Josef Stalin, is reported to have said, "One death is a tragedy. One million deaths i... Read more